About Brad

Brad P. is known as the most innovative figure in the field of dating education.

He has been interviewed by:

Neil Strauss, author of "The Game" (click to download)

David DeAngelo, for "The Man Transformation Event" (click)

David DeAngelo, for "Interviews with Dating Gurus"

Savoy for The Mystery Method/Love Systems Interview Series

The Tao of Badass and Vin DiCarlo.


You may or may not have heard of Brad P...but all the other Dating Gurus sure have. He's been the most sough-after "secret weapon" in the dating community for the last two years. Top guys from all over the world beg him for personalized instruction. Yes, even a few of the "household names" in the dating and seduction community.

And they come despite the fact that Brad P has never advertised his services. It's all word of mouth. One pro whispering to another.

Why do many of the top guys seek Brad out?

Simple: He's the ONLY instructor who has taken intense, field-tested experience, and merged it with what he calls the "sequential learning model"...to create the most comprehensive, "total transformation" system for attracting hotter women into your life.

Yeah, that's a mouthful. Here's what it means...

  • Brad P was just a regular guy - with minimal success women - until he decided to get his dating life handled...

  • Having professional degrees and 13+ years of teaching experience, Brad carefully developed what he calls the "30/30 Method" - a step-by-step process of total transformation that makes success with women both natural and inevitable...

  • Once Brad P discovered and fine-tuned this process, it was only a matter of months before he became one of the leading dating coaches in the world...

  • So why is it literally sending shockwaves through the dating underground? Because Brad was doing something few other "experts" could even imagine: In one of the most competitive, cut-throat pickup environments in the world - the NY Club Scene - he would routinely score with an average of five different gorgeous women a week...

  • These weren't your everyday hotties, either. I'm talking about high-paid fetish models, runway models, Swedish 9's and 10's, bitchy but smokin' hot club promoters, DJ chicks and other sexy "hired guns"...and so many more...the kind of women most men drool over...

And yet...despite all this...he's still a mystery to nearly every guy in the dating community. The reason: Most pros simply do not want to share these secrets with you or anyone else.

If they could, they would lock Brad P up someplace where no "regular guys" could ever find him. Don't be shocked...but...there are several gurus you read about who consistently seek his counsel and owe much of their success to what they've learned from him. They ain't talking of course - it would totally blow their image.

So they really, really want
these secrets to
stay secret.

Well, Brad says "to heck with that." He now believes it's time to share the 30/30 Method with every guy who's got the balls to learn it.

With the massive success of the 30/30 Club in 2008, Brad is now extending his teachings to include a full lifestyle solution. The Pickup Mansion is plug-and-play. You'll land smack dab in the middle of Hollywood with all the right methods, coaches, and teaching techniques on your side.

There's simply nothing else like it.