Live The Dream Life!

- What does your Dream Life look like?

- Does it include being around incredibly beautiful women?

- Does it include living in the most exciting city in the world?

- Would you want to live in an amazing, luxurious house with supportive people surrounding you?

- Would you want a coach who's rated #1 in the world in your corner helping you create this lifestyle?

Maybe it's time for you to live your Dream Life !

Did you know that you could tap into a turn-key system for living that kind of lifestyle? Well you can, if you are chosen as one of the residents of The Pickup Mansion.

The Pickup Mansion is located in the heart of Hollywood, within walking distance of over 20 of the hottest bars and clubs in town. Clubs, bars, lounges, cafes,'s all right under your nose.

From your headquarters at The Pickup Mansion, you can easily stroll to any number venues, meet the world's most beautiful women, and bounce them back to your luxurious house within minutes.

And what's more, The Pickup Mansion is independently owned and operated by Brad P., a world renown expert in the Seduction Lifestyle. Brad has carefully chosen the house, furnished it, and pimped it out tot the max with lots and lots of chick bait! If you are chosen to live in the Pickup Mansion, you'll get:

Training sessions with Brad and his coaches (a $3500 value!)

A Fully Furnished bedroom, interior design by Brad P. himself.

Access to the entire house, which has already been pimped out by Brad.

Includes training materials and access to Brad's HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE 30/30 Forum (an $553 value!)

Wingman house-mates hand picked by Brad to support your development.